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Hickman embraces unusual mascot: Players, coaches and alumni embrace the “Kewpie,” a truly unique high school sports mascot.

Mahon silhouette

Stand-up comedy covers the dark side: I dove into Columbia’s stand-up comedy scene to tell the stories of the regulars who perform at a bar’s open-mic night.


Noble calling: After his college football team dismissed him from the team, former running back Scott Noble found his calling in mixed martial arts.

James Cullen

Trying out for a college basketball team is no cakewalk: I documented the efforts of a few hopefuls as they tried out for Missouri.


The ‘Shootist’: How a college basketball team caught fire after embracing a college basketball’s simple teachings.



I took first place in the Associated Press Sports Editors 2014 contest for column writing among newspapers with a circulation under 30,000. I tried to write authoritatively on unconventional ideas:

Maty Mauk

— Maty Mauk’s confidence rubs off: After a chance outing playing pick-up basketball alongside Maty Mauk, I connected what the Missouri QB’s court demeanor might mean for his real team.

Michael Porter

— The Michael Porter Jr. experience is must-see action: A top-five basketball recruit plays in a little gym at a tiny Catholic school that doesn’t emphasize its athletics. But he still churns out SportsCenter-worthy plays, and I had to go see him.

Billy Donovan

— What if SEC coaches played one-on-one?: They’d need a bunch of Bayer. But one would ultimately emerge.

Kim and Kim Anderson

— Meet the ‘other’ Kim Anderson: Kim Anderson the basketball coach is well-known at Missouri. Kim Anderson the social work instructor, meanwhile, is, well, a receiver of many unwanted emails.

Teki G-C

— Get to know the name Montaque Gill-Caesar: On the eve of the 2014-15 college basketball season, I polled people in downtown Columbia about Missouri’s top prospect. His anonymity forced me to explore and relay his story.

Stand-up mic

— Missourian writer takes a turn at stand-up comedy: As part of a project on stand-up comedy in the area, I performed at a local bar and documented the experience.

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